Welcome to ANZA

"Mabuhay"’ to the Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) of Manila.

Living so far away from our home countries can be a little daunting, and many expats experience a few ‘lost in Manila’ moments, however ANZA aims to make the settling in process a little easier.

Located in Manila, ANZA is a social organization that aims to bring together Australians and New Zealanders, currently living in the lovely islands of the Philippines, a little closer to life at ‘home’. We enjoy many social activities and organise a number of charitable events that assist various communities in the Philippines who are not as fortunate as our friends and families back in Australia and New Zealand. We welcome membership from other nationalities. So what does ANZA actually do? – Follow this link to the about us tab to find out.

Pamela Wyatt
President, ANZA